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Captain Miller Review: The full story of Dhanush Tussi's film! Which is creating a ruckus in the cinema house

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Captain Miller Review: Ever since South celebrity Dhanush appeared in the film Raanjhanaa, he has become a fan favorite. Through the film, he got fame from some audience of Hindi cinema and people discovered his talent. Some time ago, his film Atrangi Re with Sara Ali Khan was also well liked. Now he has come to theaters with the film Captain Miller. Let us know how much power this captain has and whether he is capable of causing a stir in the field office.

South superstar Dhanush’s film Captain Miller has been released. Dhanush is definitely one of the most loved actors in Hindi audience. Hindi the audience of cinema is knowledgeable about him and is also crazy about his simplicity. So if any of Dhanush’s films are released inside the South, then its effect is seen all over the country. This time Dhanush has come as a captain. And how risky this captain is and what he can do, you will come to know through this film.



The story of the film is about a village situated in the mountains which has been captured by the British from some landlords. And the general public has been banned from coming to that temple. This complete count is ready. The British have captured that temple and they also harass the villagers so that they cannot improve their voice. In such a situation, some modern people of the village fight for their rights and those of the villagers and start a campaign against the landlords and the British. Who wins and who loses, who wins and who loses, you can understand by watching the film.

Who did the amazing acting?

There are many actors in the film whose acting is good but they are not that popular among the Hindi audience. But Dhanush has completed his painting with full sincerity and he has proved why he is so famous all over the world. He catches hold of the person and knows how to do complete justice to the person. The actor has done the same in this film and Dhanush is the reason that will take this film forward.

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