Thu. Feb 29th, 2024
Makdives President Mohamed Muizzu
Makdives President Mohamed Muizzu

The pro-India opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has secured a landslide victory in the capital Male’s Mayoral election,in a set back to Maldives president Mohammed Muizzu.
The post of Muizzu as a Mayor ,now has been concurred by the MDP candidate,Adam Azim been elected as the new mayor of Male.

Muizzu resigned from the position to contest the presidential elections last year.
The Maldives media reported Azim’s win as a landslide and victory by a large margin.
The MDP is headed by pro-India former president Mohammad Solih, who was defeated by Muizzu, a pro-China leader, in the presidential elections.
With 41 boxes counted, Azim has taken a huge lead with 5,303 votes. His rival Aishath Azima Shakoor of Muizzu’s People’s National Congress (PNC) got 3,301 votes, Maldives’ Sun Online news portal reported.
According to reports there was a low turnout in the poll on Saturday.
The Mayoral election victory is expected to revive the political fortunes of the MDP, which still holds a majority in the Parliament. Muzzu who returned from China, congratulated Azim and pledged to cooperate with the Male City Council and the Mayor.
Azim said that his victory was a victory for all residents of Male.
Speaking to Mihaaru News, Azim expressed gratitude towards this supporters.He also thanked MDP’s leadership and campaign teams.

The Mayoral polls were held in the backdrop of derogatory comments posted by three deputy ministers of the Muizzu government against Prime Minister Narendra Modi leading to a diplomatic row with India. During his high-profile visit to China, Muizzu sought to align Maldives closer to Beijing. 

Muizzu suspended the three ministers after their social media postings, which stirred concern in India and calls for a boycott by Indian tourists who ranked highest in numbers followed by Russia. Chinese tourists figured third.

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