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In this footage captured on a train, the Ticket Examiner (TTE) can be seen brutally assaulting a teenage passenger. Additionally, the TTE is forcefully slapping the young man.The teenager was brutally trashed


Social media is buzzing with a viral video that has taken the internet by storm. The video captures a shocking incident on a train, where a TTE is seen brutally assaulting a passenger. The TTE also vigorously slaps a young boy while hurling abusive words at the person recording the incident on their mobile device. Now, let’s delve into the details. As per the source, this distressing event unfolded on the Barauni-Lucknow Express, specifically on train number 15203.

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What occurred on the Barauni Lucknow Express?

Consumers are lodging serious complaints against the TTE, as per the video which went viral on social media of the incident along the Lucknow -Gorakhpur track reported by a railway source. Railway minister Ashwini Vaishnav was also tagged in the video. The Railways took immediate actions on TTE and additional charges have been added . Despite the passenger repeatedly pleading, “Sir, why are you beating me? Leave me,” the TTE continued to assault him. The other passengers also made the same request. The young man, perplexed, questioned, “What have I done wrong?” The TTE’s anger escalated to the point where he even attacked the passenger who was recording the video. Consequently, there is a growing demand on social media for action to be taken against the TTE. The accused TTE, identified as Prakash, has been suspended and is presumed guilty. The video is currently being investigated.

The young man being assaulted by TTE is identified as Neeraj Kumar. Neeraj Kumar stated that on January 17, he bought a ticket from Muzaffarpur to Lucknow. According to Neeraj, he kept telling the TTE, “Sir, if I hadn’t had the ticket, it would have been my fault.” Despite this, the TTE is beating him. A user who was affected by this occurrence further stated that since there is no ticket, who gave the TTE permission to ABUSE? People are outraged about TTE, and everyone demands that TTE be trained first.

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